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Feeling like your home could use a summer refresh?

Here are some quick easy tips to help make your home feel renewed.

I also share these tips with my clients that are looking to get top dollar when putting their homes on the market.


I always like to start with first impressions, your front door is a great place to start. This can set the tone for your whole interior. Just adding a new wreath, fresh doormat, painting your door, or a pot of flowers will give this area a polished feel. I suggest sticking with colors from your interior to help it feel cohesive.


Even if you don’t have a foyer, create a welcoming space for guests. Simply adding a floating shelf instead of a table, maybe add some artwork or mirror above to distinguish this space. I also like to add a scented candle near the entry, stay with scents that are not to overpowering.


This has to be one of the simplest tasks for making your home feel tidy, organized and clean. As a designer this is usually one of the most common problems that I need to solve for clients. A home needs to be livable so often finding attractive storage solutions is key. If you don’t have the budget for custom built in storage you can add furniture with storage. Ottomans are often good for concealed storage as well as adding media cabinets or other furniture pieces with storage.

Another tip is switching out smaller accessories and frames with fewer and larger scale accessories and frames. This will keep it feeling neat and clean while still having personal items in your space.

Here is a great storage piece I have used.

Metal Cala Coffee Table from World Market- great for storing toys


One of the cheapest investments for changing up your interior is by adding some color. My biggest tip is not to be afraid of color and don’t forget to paint your ceiling. Use existing furniture or pillows to pull colors from.


Every room should have a focal point. It can be as simple as adding a bold paint or wallpaper to an accent wall. You can also do this with large scale artwork or mill work to add some visual interest.


Lighting can really make your home feel dated. Updating your current lighting can make your home feel more contemporary without breaking the bank.

Don’t be afraid to change the scale of your fixtures especially over dining tables and beds. This can really create a wow moment.

Sometimes just painting existing fixtures and updating your bulbs can make a huge impact. Adding layered lighting with floor lamps and table lamps can change the feel of the space as well.


Remove dated window coverings. Often older window coverings are made of heavy fabrics that are dark and hung to low. Simply removing these can do wonders for a room. Opt for cleaner options when replacing that are not as heavy looking. When hanging new window treatments remember to take advantage of higher ceilings by raising your rods above window frames. This will help your room feel larger.

I hope you enjoyed these simple tips!