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Most Requested Bathroom Remodel Upgrades

So I have a Question for you?

We have been on a long run of consecutive bathroom remodels and it has me thinking. What are on everyone’s wish list for updating their bathrooms in the future, and what are designs styles you are tired of seeing? So technically that is two questions but who is counting right?

Bathrooms are not something we change often because of many of the fixtures and finishes being of a more permanent nature. So with that being said I try to steer clients away from too trendy of styles for both kitchens and baths. These are areas we tend to invest more money and keep longer. So it is best to find styles we connect to rather than looking to the latest trends.

Here are some of the requests I have received in the past 12 months while working on several bath remodels with clients.

2018 Bathroom Design in Review

Round mirrors, curb- less Showers, custom size shower niches, staggered vanities, and frame less Glass shower doors.

Moving Forward 2019

For 2019 bathroom remodels, we have been seeing changes in vanities with more people asking for floating vanities. In the past this style could feel too cold and modern but the newer versions are mixing elements like natural wood to give the style warmth.

Curb-less showers, linear drains, wall mounted toilets, ledges instead of niches in showers, and floor to ceiling glass enclosures.

Tile- Less pattern a return to solid colors laid in different patterns to create visual interest. We are also seeing more vertical tile installations instead of horizontal installation.

High Tech Upgrades

Clients are looking for smarter homes including technology in bathrooms

This goes beyond music systems in the shower it also includes high tech toilets with automatic lid openers with seat warmers and bidet options. Automatic sinks are also becoming more popular as well as TV’s and smart mirrors

This new technology helps client have a spa experience at home.

Fixture Upgrades

Still popular are the gold and brass options for hardware and light fixtures. .

We are also seeing a surge in black hardware and lighting fixture requests. This pairs nicely with many styles and natural wood tones.

Unexpected Color

As design moves further away from grey tones, the colors we have been seeing in kitchen cabinetry and appliances are moving their way into the bathroom.

With bolder colors being used in cabinetry and sinks and bathtubs.

Creating a more open feel

Still one of the most requested options is larger showers. Many clients are requesting to remove bathtubs to allow more room for larger showers.

Powder Rooms that Pack a Punch

With many clients wanting to show off their homes after a refresh or remodel, we suggest adding some drama to these small often forgotten spaces. Remember, that almost every guest will spend some time in these spaces, so why not make them memorable.

Utilize a bold wallpaper or paint, this can really make a big impact on these small spaces. Don’t be afraid of color or a bold print to make a statement and don’t forget the ceiling.

I hope these tips give you something to think about when planning to upgrade your bathrooms.

If you have any questions we are always here to help!