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The Top Mistake Consumers Make When Purchasing a New Dining Set.

Please Stop Purchasing The Entire Matching Set!

So much of the time what makes a space feel interesting is the combination of all the pieces together. So ask yourself how interesting is it if it is all the same?

This is one of the best tips I can give if you are trying to update your dining room without replacing the whole set or shopping for new. So what is it?

One of the easiest things to do to make a dining room memorable is just simply changing out your head chairs. If you have spent any time scrolling through Pinterest, chances are you have already noticed this design trick. I love this idea for updating current client’s dining room sets and use it often to refresh existing furniture. This is also a helpful option when wanting to bring color into a dining room or pattern.

But, there is a recipe to getting this look right. They cannot be completely foreign, they need to have a thread that keeps them feeling unified.

So follow these simple tips to choose the right head chairs to add some style and drama to your dining room.


Consider Size and Scale

  • The head chairs can be a little larger but you don’t want them to dwarf your side chairs. I prefer arms when possible.

Consider That They Share At Least one Common Element

  • Choose one common element that helps unify the head chairs with side chairs. It could be similar leg finish, similar lines, or coordinating fabric.

Consider Whether the Look is Casual or Formal

  • Choose chairs that reflect the same formal look or casual vibe. You want them to have a similar feel.

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