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Renovation 101: Who do you hire first the designer or the contractor?

So much to navigate when starting a home renovation.

I have run across this scenario many times when talking to clients for the first time. They are overwhelmed and not sure where to start. Or they have already hired a contractor and are having a hard time conveying their thoughts to their contractor.

So let me take some anxiety out of the equation and give you the information you need to make the right decision.

The start of every project is creating a balance of what you want, what you need, and what is the budget for the project.

This is when I think it is most crucial to have the help of a designer.

That’s right from the beginning.

Benefits of Starting your Project with a Designer.

An interior designer is best at making a plan, a road map that will find ways to meet your needs while creating spaces that are beautiful in a timely manner. Designers can also help you get more from your budget.

By working with a designer you also get to utilize the trusted trades and vendors they work with. With so many decisions to be made throughout a renovation, you will find peace of mind knowing that a designer will present you with only the best solutions for your needs and wants.

The best designs start with thorough plans, so remember to pick a designer early in the process.

What About the Contractor’s?

The Contractor should be the last person you hire.

Yes, that’s right, last after you have a detailed plan of what you want to accomplish.

Contractors have a defined skill set and usually want to come and do their job and leave. They do not want to take on the responsibility of deciding on the aesthetics of the project. A designer’s job is to make sure that all those decisions are made before the project has started. Designers can see the finished plan and know how important every detail is and how they all work together.

So leave the designing to us and let the contractors do what they do best. The best outcome is having a team that communicates and works well together. This is one reason we like to work with our trades that we know and trust.

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