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Come Shop With Me Sundays

Here is all the Details!

Have you wanted to work with a Designer, but didn’t think you could afford to do so? Now is your chance!

Do you have a room in your house that is unfinished and is driving you crazy? Would you like to make your guest room ready for holiday guests? Maybe you have tried to pull your room together and can’t quite make it work. Or, do you just need help with some finishing touches.

I am trying out a new idea that I have used with many of my Full Service Design clients. It is really fun for clients that enjoy shopping for home décor and just need some friendly guidance. It’s like having a best friend that is also an Interior Designer!

I usually do this one on one with clients, but realized how valuable this could be for so many people.

The day of the “Shop With Me Sunday” outing we will be hitting a few of my favorite stores such as TJ Maxx Homegoods, Target, Hobby Lobby, Marshalls, Steinmart, Tuesday Morning, and Pier 1.

I will determine the best stores for the day based on everyone’s style.

So my idea was to offer this to a small group of ladies that wish to refresh a room but not completely shop for new furnishings. It is perfect if you have one room you want to tackle, for example: a bedroom, living room, or dining room. You will get expert advice on how to style one room in your home.

• Step 1 Send me pictures of each wall in chosen room with length and height of wall. • Step 2 Send me photos of furnishings, art, lamps you want to keep. • Step 3 Share any inspiration photo’s or share a Pinterest board you have made for the room so that I get a feel for what you would like to create. • Step 4 You will set your budget that you want to spend that day, it’s entirely up to you. • Step 5 I will review and follow up with any questions I have. I will also tell you where I think your money will make the biggest impact. • Step 6 The day of we will all meet up for a coffee at the first location. I will review your file with you make suggestions and go over your game plan so you know where to start. •Step 7 We will all split up in the store, you will have your notes for reference, and I will continually check in with each of you to help guide your process and make sure you are on track. • Step 8 I will also shop for you and bring items to you that you may have overlooked. • Step 9 You will make your purchases with peace of mind and confidence! • We will hit as many stores as we have time for and have lots of fun!

The shopping trip will be about 5-6 hours of fun and the design fee for the entire day is $95.00 per person.

If you are interested, please send me an email to be added to the wait list.