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The thrill of the hunt! Incorporating vintage finds in your design.

The best way to incorporate vintage design is by creating the perfect balance of old and new to keep it from feeling like you raided grandma’s house.

Vintage Ceramic lights I

used for lighting over nightstand

Vintage french champagne bucket to hold kitchen utensils

Often the thought of vintage items might conjure up ideas of lace doilies and ornate details. This definitely is not the case, and for me it’s all about the thrill of the hunt. I love finding just the right vintage accessory, art or furniture to really complete the space and give the room soul, artistry, and visual interest.

Vintage can be used in many different looks including mid-century modern, bohemian, rustic, farm house, transitional, and even modern. Without contrast, texture, and items of different scale your interior can fall flat and be visually boring. That is why I personally love using a few vintage items. They really have a story to tell and make your home more interesting.

Some of my favorite ways to incorporate vintage décor is with small tables, vases, frames, trinkets, books, art, rugs, and re purposing furniture for a different use. Try turning an old dresser into a bathroom vanity, reupholster a traditional chair with a modern fabric, or rewire a vintage light fixture to use in the room. These often turn out to be those one of a kind items that make the design and are true show stoppers. I for one have a really bad habit of buying vintage lighting fixtures and hoarding them. They end up being some of my favorite items in a design and are usually really affordable.

That being said, just because a piece is older doesn’t mean it’s worthy of being included in your home. If you’re going to include a vintage item, it needs to be in good condition or be able to be repaired. As a rule, if you don’t think the piece will stand up to daily wear and tear, then keep looking.

Here are a few good tips when you are looking for vintage items.

  • Keep an open mind.

  • Bring a tape measure

  • Best days to go to thrift stores are Monday and Tuesdays and go early.

  • Make sure the item has similar details and lines to ones in your room, especially for furniture.

  • Choose items sparingly and mix with new so as to not create a space that is frozen in time.

  • I avoid upholstered items unless, I will be reupholstering to avoid fabrics that hold smells.

  • Don’t forget to look at the art, vases, lights, and books.

  • I like to bring antibacterial gel or wipes to clean my hands after.

  • Be patient to find the right pieces.

Some of my favorite places to purchase vintage items include:

Facebook Marketplace, Let It Go, and Offer UP these are all online so they are super easy. I do occasionally look at antique stores but their prices tend to be a higher. If you have the time you can also hit local thrift stores and Habitat for Humanity.

Happy shopping!