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Capturing a Bohemian Aesthetic in Your Home

Bohemian décor is often created with rich color palettes, ethnic influences, and a mix of patterns and textures. Lovers of this style, also love collecting items from travel near and far. The end design reflects a home that is collected and not tied to just one style. A true reflection of the homeowner. Meaningful pieces that tell a story and add warmth.

You prefer to hand pick accessories you have collected from your travels be it a local flea market or the spice market in Marrakesh. Mixing these personally curated items with layers, textures, and unexpected color palettes define your personality. Whether it be clean lines, ethnic influences, whimsical and bright, collected and casual, or a little bit of everything rolled into one, your home reflects your unique style.

Defining the Bohemian Style is often difficult because it is often a reflection of the homeowner. The free spirit of someone that appreciates all forms of self-expression. Lover of art, color, travel, eclecticism, individuality, and items that feel good and tell a story.

Easy ideas to add Bohemian flair to your home

The Thrill of the Hunt!

Check out local thrift stores for art, pottery, lamps, and furnishings.

Etsy is a great place to find well priced original art.

Create a Mood

Don’t be afraid of color- create a mood by using bold colors.

Add layered lighting with candles lamps and chandeliers.

Build Visual Interest

Mix patterns and textures in rugs, pillows, and walls.

Use your personal items that you cherish in interesting ways that

allow you to see them every day. Display your hats arranged on a wall or display your jewelry and trinkets on your dresser.

Cluster arrangements of art.

Curated Items for creating a Bohemian interior