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Creating an Eclectic Feel in Your Home

Let’s start with the basics, what is Eclectic style

Eclectic style is the gathering of a variety of periods and styles that are brought together using color, texture, and shapes to create balance and a cohesive feel.

There is an art of putting this style together

The trick is to find enough common ground to make your room work. Choose a few must have items then build around them. Play light against dark, honed against glossy, rustic against elegance. Look for opportunities to create parallels. Just remember not to put all your favorite items in one room. You want to make sure your favorites shine in the space.

Although you can mix furniture and décor from different periods, you have to unify the design to give it purpose and balance. Here is a few ideas on how to create harmony and balance when trying to achieve this look. Color- The palette can vary, but it is best to stick with a few neutrals to help tie the room together. Use the neutral colors to build a foundation, then add in no more than three colors. Remember to use all the colors chosen around the room so your eye finds comfort and balance.

  • Fabrics- When incorporating different fabric patterns, be sure they are all of the same color family. This will keep it from feeling too distracting or busy. Your neutrals will help break up different patterns and ground the space.

  • Finishes- Don’t be afraid to mix finishes. Think of metal finishes as a neutral, just remember to create balance by placing the same tones together around the room. (mix frame metals, candle sticks, accessories)

  • Layer textures throughout the room. Just make sure they are the same weight visually. (Materials of furniture)

  • Don’t forget about scale and proportion of furniture and how they create balance. (Don’t place heavier furnishings all in one place.) Place larger items adjacent to each other.

When Eclectic is done well

The room will reflect you and your style, yet still will adhere to the elements and principals of good design. When you find the right balance, you’ll feel it instinctively. But if you have doubts, try this trick: Snap a photo of your space, wait awhile, then study it. What shouts at you?

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