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Creating a Coastal Feel in Your Home.

Creating a Coastal feel in your home.

When I think of coastal I immediately think of lazy days spent at the beach shared with family and friends. The casual effortless feel of a vacation home that immediately sets you at ease. A perfect space to relax and entertain.

Personally, I feel that the coastal interior style looks best when it sets a mood or tone in your home vs going overboard. For me, a coastal inspired home evokes the easy, carefree lifestyle of life by the beach. Let’s look at some easy, ideas for adding some coastal style to your home.

“Light Bright and Airy”

This is usually the number one thing clients say they want when explaining a coastal style in their home. So the first thing you want to do is bring lots of light in the space. Some of the easiest ways to do this is by removing heavy window treatments and replacing them with lighter drapery that extends outside of the window frame. This allows ample amount of light to come in. The next thing I do is talk about lightening up the space with paint colors a favorite for this style is white. I also try to remove any dark heavy furniture that absorbs light. Placing mirrors across from windows so the light reflects into the room is another good tip.

“Bring the outside in”

Organic materials such as sea grass, straw and jute bring a natural warmth and texture to coastal interiors. My personal staple jute rugs. I also like layering rugs on top of jute to add some color.

A wicker coffee table next to a rattan chaise on top of a sisal rug might be a bit much, so break up organic surfaces with contrast.

Driftwood, whitewashed or pickled woods, painted planks, and bead board all add texture and depth to your design.

“Keep the color palette soothing”

When done right, there is nothing like a crisp white room. All white runs the risk of feeling too sterile, so feel comfortable branching out and layer in shades of light cream, sandy beige, and charcoal. Matte and natural finishes give these tones a soft, chalky feel. I like to layer in accessories that have a touch of shine. It adds just a little hint of glimmer like sunshine dancing across the water. Refreshing light blues, cool aqua, light teal, and turquoise are perfect additions as accent shades that enliven the space.

“Achieving an understated coastal feel”

A coastal inspired home should feel unassuming, casual, and relaxing. Think linen or slipcovers, natural sisal or cotton rugs and sheer curtains that billow in the breeze. Sheers in light linen, muslin, or soft cotton work well. You can’t go wrong ever with pure white, and stripes always fit the style. Or add hints of classic nautical hues such as navy and white. The key is to stay consistent; too many color schemes in different rooms add up to too many conflicting personalities for a single house.

“The final details”

Like the beach itself, coastal styled rooms should feel breezy, so don’t stifle them with too much furniture and tchotchkes. Decorate with an eye to maintaining clear views and sight lines accent the edges of a space rather than obstructing its center. As with light, there’s really no substitute for an expansive interior. If you have the budget and the inclination, you could consider remodeling to open up a home that begs for some extra breathing room. If not, arrange furniture in a way that feels more open and also make sure to purchase the right scale of furnishings for the space. Doing this will make the room seem larger, and go easy on the accessorizing.

Some of my favorite places to buy Coastal furnishings and decor links to site on images.