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Cozy and Full of Charm, Farmhouse Style is Still a Popular Choice for Homeowners.

Shows like HGTV’S Fixer upper made viewers fall in love with this style and they just can’t get enough. There are many different takes of this style like Modern Farmhouse, Coastal Farmhouse, and Industrial Farmhouse.

People latched on to this style to surround themselves with a laid back feel that evokes warmth, tradition, and approachable sophistication.

While there are many variations to this classic style there remains some consistency to the look. Like clean uncluttered spaces that feel livable and touchable. Gone are the days of formal spaces that you can’t touch. This style is meant to be lived in, even if you have a family.

Let’s break down the staples of Farmhouse style and then go into more detail with each style separately. I will also provide links to some places to shop this look.

Farmhouse common design elements

  • Shiplap

  • Large plank wood floors

  • Wrought iron

  • Vintage Signs

  • Architectural salvage to add character

  • Barn Doors

  • Open Shelving

  • Subdued Color Palette

  • Repurposed Vintage Items and things you would find on a farm

  • Farm Sink

Create the Look

Farmhouse is similar to the former country style in that they both create a space that you want to relax with family and friends. Gone are the brightly colored accessories, stuffed chickens, and checkered fabrics.

Farmhouse evokes a sense of relaxation with the subdued color palette and uncluttered spaces. This style also is a more sophisticated and interesting with the layers of textures and simplicity.

  • Accessories are important but keep them to a minimum.

  • Slipcovered furniture to create a relaxed feel

  • Start with a neutral color palette cool or warm tones (cream, beige or grey tones)

  • Use woods that show some distressing adding a lived in feel

  • Add texture with wood, metals, and fabrics (natural cottons, linens, and burlap). Since Farmhouse color palette is mostly neutral this will keep it from feeling boring.

  • Add plants to bring the outside in as well as natural stone detail and natural materials.

  • Painted furniture with distressing

  • Natural wood

Let’s break down the design elements for each style of farmhouse that can be added to the list of common design elements.

Modern Farmhouse

  • Mixing Metals (no more than 3)

  • Mixing wood tones

  • White Walls

  • Stainless Steel Farm sink

  • Simple and clean color palette while incorporating some black

  • Cleaner lines to the furnishings but still maintain a relaxed look.

Industrial Farmhouse

  • Exposed Brick

  • Rustic Industrial Accents

  • Oversized Pendant lights (think lanterns or cage lights)

  • Exposed Beams

  • Concrete Counters, Soapstone Counters

  • Industrial items painted in fun colors

Coastal Farmhouse

  • Sisal Rugs

  • Coastal Color Pallet (adding in blues and sea glass colors)

  • Baskets

  • Driftwood

  • Shells

  • White Painted Wood Furniture

Here are some affordable options for farmhouse furniture and décor.