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How Do You Know What Counter Top Material is Right For You?

Choosing the right counter top

You have many options but you want to make sure you are informed about the plusses and minuses to each before making your selection.

Let’s start with the different types and then list the positive and negatives to each.


This has been a very popular choice in the last few years. So it is easy to see why so many other products are trying to mimic its good looks. For many people it is marble or nothing! This is fine as long as you understand how to care for it and can appreciate how it may patina over time.


It is a natural product and has beautiful movement that is looser and softer looking than granite.

It works in both modern design as well as traditional design.

If you are a baker you will love that it is cooler.

It is heat resistant, but you should not place hot pans directly on the surface.

It works well when applying fancy edges or more complex cuts.


It is a porous stone so it can stain easily.

Marble is softer than other stones and can etch from acidic items like lemons

If it becomes stained or damaged it is not able to be polished out.

Requires maintenance (sealing) annually or if you cook often semiannually.


Counter tops made of granite are durable and beautiful but may be a little bit limiting for design choices.


100% natural

Heat resistant

Resists nicks

You can cut directly on surface (will dull your knifes)

Very sturdy product


You must seal every year.

Limited in looks with more movement (busy pattern) in the stone and darker color choices.

Man-made Quartz-

Quartz counter tops differ from marble and granite in one way, they are engineered and not solid stone. They do offer lots of design choices that may make up for that.



Many design and color choices

You can find options that closely mimic the beauty of marble without the hassle of the natural stone.



It is made with resin that is sensitive to heat.

It is not recommended for exterior use that is not covered.

Porcelain Counter tops

Has the ability to mimic many natural stone products and is man made. The product is newer to the market and has fewer qualified fabricators. The upside is price of the product and large slab sizes.


It can closely resemble the look of marble.

You can have a matte or polished finish.

It comes in many colors

Larger slab sizes

No sealing

Heat resistant


Can chip and crack

More expensive to fabricate

Less qualified number of fabricators than stone fabricators (newer product on the market)

Fabricating is more expensive than other stones.


Completely natural product. Soapstone has the ability to work with many different styles from modern to cottage. The colors range from pale green to light grey and often has veining that mimics marble.


Natural product

Wont be damaged from heat

Wont stain

No sealant required


Consistency not even

Surface texture can be rough depending on finish

Regular maintenance if you decide to oil

Limited selection because it is a natural product

Cost factors can be pricey

Hopefully this information will help you feel more comfortable when choosing the right counter top for your home.