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Tips for choosing the best light bulb

Lighting can be one of the most impactful upgrades to your home aesthetic as well as saving you money over time.

As we move into more energy efficient lighting the information can be overwhelming! With words like Kelvins and CRI. What does this all mean to you and what will help you make the best lighting choices?

First let’s dive into what Kelvins are. This is how the color temperature is measured

Moving on to CRI, this stands for Color Render Index. This a measurement of how a light source reveals the color of an object. It ranges between 0-100. The higher the number, the better the true color of an object will appear.

The range for Warm White is 2700k --3000K.

The range for Bright White is 3500k – 4500k

Traditional bulbs that are incandescent usually are 2700k.

So next time you are at a home improvement store feeling overwhelmed by all the choices. Just remember these simple tips.

For most interiors you want to look for a light bulb with a CRI of 90-100 and a Kelvin rating of 2700k -3000k.

For more Modern interiors I like to use a higher Kelvin starting at 3000k this also works well with the aging population like me. J

I hope these tips helped clarify your light bulb confusion!

Just Remember these are just some tips for simplifying your options.

Traditional lighting - CRI of 90-100 and a Kelvin rating of 2700k -3000k.

Modern a

Lighting for aging eyes - CRI of 90-100 and Kelvin rating 3000k


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