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Holiday decor that looks fresh

Sometimes when adding a little holiday flair to your home it's important to update your decorations as your interior style evolves in design. You don't have to buy all new decorations but by simply adding a few new pieces or reinventing existing items you have.

This year for my decorations I feel like less Is more. Current design trends I feel have us all purging excess items from our homes and simplifying our decor. So I chose to use less decorations and add fresh cut tree trimmings and pine cones to give

a holiday feel to my interior. You can usually get free branches that are removed when trimming Christmas tree's at local tree lot's or at Home Depot. These branches look great in a vase or in old silver bowls with pine cones and sprigs of berries found at craft stores. They also work great on a platter with candles and a few glass balls creating a pretty centerpiece for your dinner table.

Can's of fake snow to flock greenery and cinnamon scented pine cones are a wonderful way to add scent and more visual interest.

I also love the simplicity of a flocked tree with white lights it looks so fresh and elegant.

What changes have you made to your Christmas decor to keep it feeling fresh and timeless?