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Redesign time?

Have you just moved into a new residence and not been sure how to place your furniture, or maybe just tired of your current décor?

I have often found that shopping from your current furniture and décor items is a great opportunity to refresh a new space. Sometimes it just takes a fresh set of eyes to see the possibilities. So if you have an open mind and are willing to move things around from room to room you can often get a whole new look.

It is surprising by just taking an item of furniture to a different room and utilizing it for a new purpose can change the mood of a room. For instance taking a dresser from the bedroom and moving it to the dining room and using it as a buffet, or taking an armoire from the bedroom and placing it in the living room and turning it into a bar. Changing the purpose of current use of furniture and moving art and accessories around can change the whole composition of a room.

I am also a big fan of painting furniture and décor to help reincorporate them into a new design. My husband has always said that if it is in our house long enough it will eventually be painted. This is so true!

So remember to keep an open mind about your current pieces of furniture and décor and to always shop your home first when reimagining your space.


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