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Thinking About Hiring an Interior Designer?

You have great taste but are just not sure how to bring it all together. Or possibly you know what you like but are just not sure where to start. Maybe it’s time to call in the help of a professional.

There are many different levels of interior design services. Finding a designer willing to give as little or as much help as you need is important. Working with a professional does not have to be an intimidating process. Finding the right designer should put you at ease with your concerns like unknown costs or feeling like your home won’t reflect your style.

Before calling a professional it is best to determine the amount of help you would like and your personal style. Ask yourself what colors you would like to see in your home and what current pieces you would like to incorporate. Do you prefer clean lines, more ornate details in furnishings, or a mix? It is also a good idea to think about the space, how it is being used and whether there are any challenges to be addressed. Collecting visual images of rooms you like from magazines or Pinterest is helpful to guide the designer in the right direction. The final thing is knowing what you are comfortable spending on the project including labor, furnishings, and design fees.

Communication is key in the design process to identify expectations on both sides. Make sure you find a designer you connect with. Designing your interior is a very personal experience, you need to make sure that your communication methods work well together. Identifying the best times to communicate as well as the method used to communicate is important. Do you prefer to communicate via email, text, in person or phone?

Once you choose a designer that you are comfortable with and that understands your vision, it is important to trust them and give them some creative freedom. After all, isn’t that what you hired them for?

If you are considering hiring a designer for a future project, Melinda Mullen Design would love to help! Check out our services page on the website to learn more about what we do and also some helpful questionnaire’s for your upcoming project.