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How scent in your home can transform how you feel.

There is nothing like enjoying a freshly clean and good smelling home. I have always been a big fan of scents in a home. I also change the scents with the seasons. I don’t know about you but when I walk into a new place I like to embrace it with all my senses. I feel it can definitely affect how you perceive a home. So when I entertain or even when I am home alone I always have a candle burning or a diffuser going. I enjoy the space so much more when it smells good.

Right now I am enjoying fall in Florida or as close as it gets thanks to Woodwick’s Pumpkin Butter Candle. I especially love these candles because it actually makes a crackling sound as it burns. The only bad part to these candles is that I feel like baking and hibernating when I burn them. These candles create such a warm and welcoming feeling in the home. Here is the link in case you want to find them and as an added bonus Pumpkin Butter is currently on sale for 25% off!

I have to say that in the winter months I tend to use the Woodwick candles a lot not only do they smell good but the crackling sound is such a nice added touch. Some of the other scents I enjoy for fall are Crackling Apple Crisp and Trilogy Autumn Comforts. Moving on to the Holidays I love their Frasier Fir it makes your whole house smell like a Christmas tree.

In the spring time I tend to lighten up the fragrance and want something that smells clean and fresh. It must be from the instinctual desire to do some spring cleaning. I love the clean scent that West Elm has called Naturalist Boxed Candle, in Linen. The Scent is so fresh and light.

When summer starts I move in to light sweet smells, maybe because we no longer get to keep the doors open I like to bring the flowers inside. I tend to use Glade plugins scented oil. I like the Plugins because they keep the house smelling good all the time. Since we are no longer keeping the windows and doors open it keeps the house feeling fresh. My favorite scent is Hawaiian Breeze.

For summer candles I love fresh citrus scents like William and Sonoma’s Meyer Lemon Candles it puts off a light soft scent that is perfect for summer.^45527542663-device^c-plaid^108774389383-sku^2462224-adType^PLA&gclid=CjwKEAjw7ZHABRCTr_DV4_ejvgQSJACr-Ycw2DOQ0ZibmHokZQlZZzabSrcd7M0SptUB9c87PidJ7hoCb4Lw_wcB

I also have a favorite candle for the nights I want to stay in and maybe prepare a romantic dinner. It is a light feminine fragrance that is not to overpowering by Diptyque called Tuberose. The scent is described as intoxicating and I agree.

I also like fragrance for days that I am working from home. I like a scent that keeps me energized so I often use my diffuser with peppermint oil to help keep me feeling alert and invigorated. I bought this Essential oil starter set to try. I also use the Lavender on nights when I want to bring calm and help me to unwind.

I hope you will share some of your favorite candles or scents. Is it strange how much I enjoy good smells? Hopefully I am not alone.


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