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Creating an interior that feels balanced.

In interior design creating a space that is unbalanced can often leave a feeling of tension. Our brains are always searching to make sense of things. It is human nature to look for visual harmony. We are constantly examining things and looking for balance conveyed in things like repetition, symmetry, color, mass, and the balance of negative space.

In design a focal point that doesn’t detract from the other design elements in the space but together with the other elements tells a story as a whole creates a pleasing design.

I like to start in a room by defining the focal point such as a fireplace or a beautiful view. After I identify the focal point than I build around that. Placing furniture and art to add to the focal point without taking away or competing with. You don’t have to use duplicates of furniture to create balance you can just pick out items that have the same mass or take up the same amount of space visually. Another simple trick to create visual harmony is by repeating the same colors throughout the room.

Here are some great links with more information on creating balance in your design.

I would love to hear feedback on how you create balance in your living space.


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