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Adding some life to your home.

Thinking of adding some green to your interior? Beyond adding visual interest, color, and texture plants also offer air purification. By incorporating these natural elements you also get a feeling of being closer to nature. So why not try incorporating them in your space.

I am always looking to add plants that I can actually keep alive to my home. So when I came across a class being offered by a local shop I naturally jumped at the chance to learn more about Kokedama's (Japanese Moss Ball).

Flower and Fringe out of West Palm Beach is a flower styling studio that also offers great classes. I would highly recommend them! The owner who taught the class Halle Frey is very warm and approachable and so was her helper . I loved that they also hosted it in a local shop called Celis Produce.

Learn more about them here.

The finished product really adds visual interest and a sculptural quality. I like hanging them in a group of different sizes. Good thing I walked away from the class with three. They are actually really easy to make


Class hosted at Celi's Produce and taught by Halle Frey of Flower and Fringe.


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