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How to choose the right paint color for your interior.

Why does choosing the right paint color make everyone so nervous?

Color evokes so many emotions so choosing the right shade for a room can be as simple as how you want that room to make you feel.

Step 1

Don't make this your first decision when decorating a room. I like this to be my final decision after choosing all the other elements in the room.Then it is possible to see exactly how much color you will need in the space.

Step 2

When you apply color to the walls it will always appear darker. So with this in mind choose your color and then pick one shade lighter.

Step 3

Choose at least 3 samples to apply to the wall to make your decision. It is also important to apply 2 to 3 coats of the sample color so that you will see the true color. Leave samples up at least for a couple of days to see how it looks in different lighting before making your choice.

Step 4

If you are wanting to be bold with your color choice here are some good tips when making your decision.

Let the psychology of color help reinforce how you want the space to feel.

Did you know that certain colors can actually make the temperature of a room feel warmer or cooler? Colors can also affect appetite and how much energy you have. So choosing the right shade can help you relax, feel energized, or make you hungry. Find more information on this topic here