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Say yes to wallpaper!

I am often surprised by the reaction of clients when I have suggested adding wallpaper to their interiors. I think there is a whole generation or two of homeowners that were scarred by previous wallpaper experiences. Usually this is brought on by memories of removing wallpaper I assume.

Skipping one simple step when applying wallpaper is usually the reason behind bad wallpaper experiences. Missing this step will cause costly damage to walls when removing. To avoid this you must first apply sizing to the surface also known today as a primer. This product forms a barrier so that the adhesive from your wallpaper cannot penetrate and bond to the drywall. The primer is easy to apply and goes on like a paint, but is crucial in avoiding damage to your wall once removed.

With so many great options in wallpaper today it would be a shame to not consider them when designing your interiors.

Don't forget to also consider paper for your ceilings! Ceilings are a great place to add some design.

Here are some of my favorite examples.